5 Top Back-To-School Fundraisers For Fall 2020

A school supply drive is a great fundraising idea for the back-to-school season. Host a school fundraiser event and have your community place bids for the students services. This is a great way to teach students the importance of giving back to their community. If your school has a uniform dress code, then a dress down day is a sure fire way to raise some quick and easy funds.
These people might not know about your school’s fundraiser, but may be interested in donating anyways. Of course, parents can also take the order-taker to their workplace and sell to their coworkers. But there are also safer and more efficient ways than going door-to-door. Today, kids can use texting, Facebook and WhatsApp to reach a wider audience faster and take orders online from friends and family. Join fundraisers for school with a neighborhood eatery to hold a luncheon for your alums.
Technology is advancing in all areas of life and fundraising programs are no different. More and more people are conducting the majority of their business right from their phones, so consider upgrading your fundraising platforms. OneCause and Snowball both offer a text-to-give option which allows people to give right from their phones. Utilizing these services helps take care of the maintenance of your lists as well if people opt out of the text messages.
Make sure you have multiple “working stations” so that more people can work on the piece at the same time. To collect the items for your bags – have everyone donate small items or spend a small amount of money at a dollar store to increase the number of items on offer. A spin on the classic car wash idea, a dog wash is a lot of fun and entertaining for all involved. This popcorn fundraiser has 9 delicious flavors, like buttery caramel, and is GMO and Gluten free. Let’s see how we can help you have the best prom fundraiser ever this year. Boys and girls will get dressed up just as they would for a dance.
Talk to your local golf club about the possibility of organising a Golf Am Am fundraising event. Players pay a fee to play and can either enter a team or be paired on the day. Ask local businesses to sponsor holes or fun happenings from the day.