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If you need quality roofing services, Sky High Roofing and Sheet Metal Inc. is the company to call. We have been providing industrial and commercial roofing in Barrie and the surrounding areas for over 30 years. From eco-friendly green roof installation to traditional shingle roof repair, roofing inspection and custom sheet metal fabrication, no job is too big or too small for our team of experts. Our employees are knowledgeable and trained to perform safe work on all job sites. Since it’s family oriented, there are many residential homes in the area.
You want the colour to complement your surroundings, environment, and property. In Barrie, the summers are comfortable and partly cloudy and the winters are freezing, snowy, windy, and mostly cloudy. Because of this, we recommend going with a dark coloured roof to help your home retain heat in the winter.
As a local roofing company, our goal is to serve our beautiful city with quality metal roofing. Even though steel roofing should last 50 years without needing maintenance, it’s still good practice to get metal roof inspections every few years. Conley’s Metal Roofing provides both residential and commercial metal roofing inspectionswhich include a thorough overview of your roofing system.
That’s why Hy-Grade roofs are installed right over top of your existing asphalt roof, eliminating excess waste. Are all experienced, certified and insured roofing contractors. The strength, durability and longevity of a steel roof has long been known in the agricultural industry. These roofs are perfect for barns, homesteads and other facilities.
Flat Roofing Barrie of 15 professionals understand that every situation is unique. From the initial free quote, to any post-project concerns Hymask Roofing is dedicated to ensuring we deliver what you need every single time. Once again, we recommend a free home inspection by our qualified and local roofing professionals to give you a full report on the status of your roof. The weather can be one of the major and most common causes of the delay of roofing repair and replacement.
There are various flat roofing systems one can have on residential or Commercial buildings. Keep reading further to learn about the flat roofing systems our commercial roofing experts have to offer. Roof Installation – Need a brand new roof installation? We provide asphalt, steel, and rubber roofing options. Our experts can provide insight into the best material and color styles that will work for your home or business. No matter the size, let our roofing contractors handle a roof installation project.
Process of tearing off the shingles, underlayment, felt, any old flashing, old rakes and eaves and anything else that needs to come out to make way for your new materials. Or, if you are part of the professional building community, you can search for our building products through a distributor. All your CertainTeed roofing, siding, gypsum, ceilings and insulation information gathered in one convenient location. When making an estimate for roofing, we take into account the materials, type of work, complexity, and size of the roof.
With preassembly and mechanical handling, rapid installations are possible. The scale and visual appearance can be varied by adopting a variety of modular components, any of which can be made to resemble existing roofing materials. The trays are impervious to water and channel rain to their extremities. The dove-tail profiles are also impervious to water and provide a weatherproof cap or internal collection channel to pairs of abutting trays . The trays are held along the length of the aperture in the dove-tail profiles , by a captive element which is engaged by the semi-cylindrical indentations in the trays .